Thanks to the infinite technological possibilities made available in this age of information, you have a realistic chance of launching your own business. For better or for worse, so does everyone else. With so many people trying to get their startup on the map, you need to find a way to separate your concept or product from the pack. Nothing is a guarantee in the business world, but there are some steps you can take to make sure you’re giving it your best shot.

Make Sure You’re Really, REALLY Invested

People don’t start successful businesses in their spare time. Taking an idea and turning it into a company that generates revenue takes a lot of hours, energy and money. To give your startup a fighting chance, you’ll need to make it your number one priority, and that means you need to truly believe in your product. Dozens of companies that are now household names couldn’t find investors for years. Fortunately, the founders knew they had a good idea and forged ahead. You’ll need the same determination if you’re going to be successful.

Build Your Network

You never know who will finally fund your project or pass your idea along to someone that can make a difference. What you can be sure of is that help will likely come from some place you don’t expect. The larger your circle of support, the better the chances someone will come out of the woodwork to help get your company to the next level. Keep meeting new people and listening to their ideas. Those connections will help your company both before and after you get the ball rolling.

Find Your Buyers

This is easier said than done, but no one said creating a startup was easy. Entrepreneurs rarely make a product first and find the market for it second. Knowing which consumers you’d like to target should influence the product you’re making, not the other way around. In the prototype stages, think of who the potential buyers would be. If that seems like a small market, figure out how your concept might be tweaked to appeal to more people. It’s rare that a company gets everything right on the first go, so be prepared to change things around in hopes of reaching a bigger audience.

A lot of pieces have to fall into place for a startup to have success. You won’t be able to control everything influencing your business, but with determination, support and a good strategy, you’ll at least have a say in it.