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Keeping track of accounts receivable can be a hassle for businesses of all sizes, especially if some clients do not pay for your services or products in less than thirty days. If you are looking for ways to sell your receivables invoices so that you can focus more on business growth, we can help. Here at Solomon Commercial Lending, we regularly purchase accounts receivable loans from businesses at a discounted rate. This service is commonly referred to as factoring.

What You Can Gain From Factoring Services

Unlike traditional funding, financing receivables does not put your business in debt. Rather, it allows you to sell an asset to us for your benefit. Additionally, when you come to us for receivables financing, you don’t need to worry about your credit, because this particular type of financing is based on the credit ratings of your customers. Here are a few additional benefits of our factoring services:

  • Financing available for any type of business
  • No fixed payments
  • Quick cash
  • Ability to meet unexpected or large orders
  • Increased funding as receivables increase
  • Client credit insurance for no additional cost
  • No personal guarantees
  • No recourse if the account does not pay

You can use the money you obtain from receivables financing to expand your business, respond to seasonal demands, or take care of any other business need you have.

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