We Can Finance Your Franchise!

If you are getting ready to start a franchise, then you are most likely looking for a reliable source of capital to get it off the ground. Here at Solomon Commercial Lending, we have the expertise and financial backing necessary to help you succeed. Our franchise financing program offers some of the most competitive terms and alluring rates in the industry. We have also developed a reputation for providing some of the fastest and most convenient loan processing services available.

Program Details

Our franchise funding program offers the following highlights:

  • Generous rates
  • Convenient and fast processing and approval
  • No penalty for prepayment
  • Available for first-time franchise owners
  • Extra cash that can be used as working capital
  • Competitive terms

Upon receiving approval for one of our franchise loans, you can use the money to construct a building for your franchise, refinance the building you are already using, or acquire a new business. Our financing can be used to fund any specific business need you have that relates to the development and growth of your franchise.

Contact Us!

We want to help you turn your franchise goals and dreams into a reality by providing you with a nearly unlimited source of funding. To find out more about our generous franchise financing program, give us a call today at 267-577-6665.