Access the Cash You Need Fast With a Merchant Cash Advance

Solomon Commercial Lending can equip your business with a merchant cash advance up to $200,000 against your merchant account for each business location. With this alternative to a small business loan, you receive a cash advance with only a small amount of paperwork required. You pay back the advance, plus any fees, by allowing the funding provider to take a share of your daily credit card sales until the balance has been repaid completely.

Highlights and Benefits

If you are turned down for financing at a traditional financial institution or large bank, a merchant cash advance may be the ideal option. In fact, it is an excellent solution if you have limited or no collateral, a weak credit rating, or insufficient business history. Other highlights and benefits include:

  • Pay loan using a predetermined percentage of credit card receipts
  • Easy payback with no minimum monthly payment requirement
  • Straightforward approval process and fast access to cash
  • Eliminates application fees and closing costs
  • No restrictions on using the cash

Merchant cash advances are an easy and fast method to get the funding you need for your business without collateral.

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